Bad luck rescuers have only eleven days to get out of the trap on a planet long abandoned by all. The ship of a scientific expedition catches a SOS signal, but as a result of an unsuccessful landing, the rescue operation turns out to be a complete failure. You will have to find shelter and adapt to the harsh conditions of the red planet, and even though there are five people in the crew, you have to rely only on yourself.
You have to explore the abandoned base and defend it, make raids in the desert and collect metal for equipment repair.

Red planet ecosystem
The surrounding fauna is aware of your actions and want to get rid of the irritant. Remember that you are only a guest here!

Exploring the world and solving puzzles
The base is fraught with many unexpected functions, some of them can be a real challenge. Remember why you are here!

Minimalist colorful design
The dry wind of the red planet shaped local landscapes, and former inhabitants knew a lot about architecture. Remember this and do not forget to take a screenshot!
Game features:
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